Why Mulch?

  1. -Helps retain moisture in soil

  2. -Helps control and slow down weed growth

  3. -Insulates soil

  4. -Helps control erosion

  5. -Adds nutrients to soil as it decomposes

  6. -Dresses up flower beds

Application Tips

- Before mulching, clear the entire area of weeds, leaves ,and grass

  1. -If there is existing mulch, loosen the old mulch for better moisture penetration

  2. -Do not apply too much; 2 to 4 inches is the general recommendation

  3. -Mulch can be spread around individual plant roots or over the entire garden bed

  4. -Do not smother plant roots; make sure water is still able to penetrate the mulch


  1. -How do you sell your mulch?

        - By the cubic yard, which is one scoop on our loader

  1. -How deep should I apply mulch?

        - Anywhere from 2 to 4 inches; we recommend 3 inches

  1. -What is a cubic yard?

        - Spread 3 inches deep, a cubic yard of mulch will cover 100 square feet

  1. -When should I apply mulch?

        - Mulching can be done at anytime during the year

  1. -Is your mulch treated?

        - No, there are no chemicals added to our mulch

  1. -How much mulch can I haul in my truck?

        - A standard size pick-up bed holds 2 cubic yards of mulch

        - A small truck bed holds 1 cubic yard

  1. -Do you have a minimum for delivery?

        - No, we will haul any amount of mulch from 1 to 24 yards at a time

-Will colored mulch fade in the rain?

        -Colored mulch requires at least 72 hours of dry time after spreading. If you install it during or just before it rains, colored mulch will fade.                                


Double ground bark mulch
Double ground mulch
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